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Social Tap Academy was created to support small businesses build their internal capabilities with digital marketing training and support.

We know each digital platform requires the ‘right’ approach, and our workshops are delivered by our team with expertise in each area to ensure you have what you need to keep your brand and skillset on point.

When our team aren’t teaching you, they are working in the industry with their ears to the ground and fully immersed in delivering digital strategies. This experience means they are able to structure each workshop to ensure you receive the most relevant and valuable learning experience.

Upcoming digital marketing COURSES

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Mobile videography for social media: An introduction

Video marketing presents you with an amazing opportunity to expand your social reach through key platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. This hands-on course is designed for beginners who wish to learn the basic skills to film and edit using their mobile phone.

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iPhone Photography for Social Media: An Introduction

If you think you need the best camera to take amazing photos, think again. This course is designed to give you brilliant results with no more blurry or out of focus phone camera photos.

Learn about the foundations to taking great photographs on your iPhone, making the most of your iPhone camera features, creative techniques and an introduction to great editing tools.

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Leveraging LinkedIn: For you and your business

With over 500 million registered users globally, LinkedIn is often heralded as the most significant player in B2B marketing and professional networking. The truth is though, most people using the platform are not using it effectively. This training workshop has been created to help those who are wanting to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to help build their professional profile, connect with others and gain exposure for their business.

Mobile Videography For Social Media Intermediate

Mobile videography for Social Media: Intermediate

This fantastic hands-on course will make you a master of your mobile. This course is designed for those currently creating video footage but who haven’t created a strategy or story board. This course will teach you the techniques around creating a strategy and story board to ensure every time you create video it is delivering for our business whether it be a product launch, sales or an awareness campaign.

Mobile Or Dslr Videography And Editing For Social Media Advanced

Mobile or DSLR Videography and Editing for Social Media: Advanced

This course will teach you how to film and edit your own video content which will save you time, money and enable you to take control of video production.

In a matter of hours, we teach you how to create engaging video content. At the end of the full-day course, you will be ready to start making your own high-quality videos for any online platform.
This course combines camera skills, practical exercises and video editing with Adobe Premiere.

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Social Media Course: Strategy & Planning

This course is suitable for those people who are familiar with the leading social media channels at an intermediate level, and are looking for help to build a strategy and plan to ensure the time they invest into Social Media gets results. It is also suitable for those who have been running their own social media for a while and feel like they need to revisit/refresh their strategy and approach.

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Social Media Course: for Beginners

This workshop is designed for those at the very beginning of their social media journey. It will provide an overview of the digital platforms available to you for your business.

Learn about the differences between the major social media platforms, where to find your customers, understand the key marketing and communication strategies associated with the leading social media platforms and how to leverage these channels to add value to your business. 

We believe in a pragmatic approach and learning by doing. Our courses are practical, jargon-free and designed to help you with the knowledge and resources you need to hit the ground running.


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