Our Digital Skills Specialists

When our team aren’t teaching you they are working in the industry. With their ears to the ground and fully immersed in delivering digital strategies, they are able to shape your course to ensure you receive the most relevant learning experience. We know each digital platform requires the ‘right’ language so our courses are delivered by our team with expertise in each area to ensure your brand and skillset are on point.

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How you will learn

This is a class-based experience. We understand that this can feel like a wilderness, so let us help you and engage with you personally from the get go. Our class sizes are capped to ensure you receive the relevant learnings, knowledge and processes to provide you with the best outcome.

We believe in learning by doing. Through using your own device, we waste no time in getting you set up with settings and shortcuts so you are equipped to hit the ground running.

You will access our WiFi throughout your course and some courses have pre-requisites for certain apps which ensures your time spent with us gives you the best possible digital learning experience.

We believe in a pragmatic approach and learning by doing. Our courses are practical, jargon-free and designed to help you with the knowledge and resources you need to hit the ground running.

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