Brand & Consumer Empathy

Real world insights are a powerful tool and it has never been easier to create an open conversation with your consumers to discover exactly what they think and how they feel about your brand. Maintaining an authentic understanding & connection with your consumers by asking the right questions & knowing how to meaningfully implement feedback, helps brands build resilience in an ever evolving landscape.

Now more than ever, consumers in particular are looking to support & engage with brands that reflect their values, passions & personality. Hence why great, resilient brands today are more empathetic & understand their unique consumer’s lives holistically. This grassroots understanding allows brands to create marketing executions that speak to them, not at them. Which in turn rewards these brands with higher rates of advocacy, loyalty & in the face of mistakes or tough times…..forgiveness.

Is your marketing telling your consumer what they need, or delivering a solution they are asking for? Let’s find out together!

Here at Social Tap we work with you to:

  1. Understand your consumer beyond the top level demographic data
  2.  Listen to and integrate consumer & customer feedback
  3. Break down your consumer’s real experience of your brand and product
  4. Create a strategy that speaks to your audience with empathy, beyond your product or service.

Noosa Natural Chocolate Rebrand

Green Food Australia Branding

Category Insights & Trends

Building a resilient brand is also as much about looking sideways as it is looking forward. Understanding the evolving dynamics at play, not only in your category, but more broadly across cultural shifts and trends locally and globally, all contribute to brand resilience.

Taking a more holistic view of the sandpit in which you want to play and succeed in, will help you identify potential shifts in dynamics, threats and opportunities to find white space where your brand can meet the market and thrive.

Working with specialists in this area, Social Tap will support you through a journey where we conduct bespoke market research and cultural decoding that will make the complex feel simple. Providing invaluable, actionable insights & a visual understanding that could elevate your brand, unearth new opportunities and position you as a market leader for years to come

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