Good Space Studio
Brand Identity, Website Design, Social Media Management & Digital Advertising

In early 2021, The Good Space Studio was created by Social Tap to provide our team a purpose built studio to create photographic and video content for our clients. Since then, The Good Space Studio has opened its doors to other local agencies, freelancers, artists, photographers, content creators, and businesses looking to create beautiful content locally.

Brand Identity

The Good Space Studio has been carefully curated to create a contemporary, eclectic and fresh space for creatives to make magic happen. In contrast to the sleek and corporate studios you may find in the city, the Good Space was designed to feel welcoming, homely, and to fit perfectly within the Noosa community. The Good Space Studio is designed by creatives, for creatives.

From concept to creation, our team brought life to The Good Space Studios through styling, design, prop curation, website design and development, social media management, and digital advertising.

Styling & Prop Curation

Once our team had defined the brand identity for The Good Space, they set out to curate an extensive props library and assist in styling the studio to fit within our brand guidelines while keeping to budget. The result was a space that welcomed a variety of creative briefs and suited almost every aesthetic from refined to rustic, country to new age.

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Branding and Graphic Design

The Good Space is designed to be light, fun and quirky. It’s playful nature is representative in it’s logo, featuring a variety of pastel colours similar to the rainbow and contemporary font with a quirky twist. Depending on who you ask, the ‘oo’ in the logo may represent a smile or a winking eye – it’s up to you and what you see!

Website Design & Build

As we designed the new website for the studio, our aim was to maintain a contemporary look and feel, while showcasing the space through use of imagery. We incorporated the new branding and design elements throughout the website, keeping it easy to navigate and ensuring it was optimised for a variety of devices. As the studio grew more popular, we embedded a booking function within the website that would allow visitors to easily find available dates, hire the space and lighting equipment, and pay upon booking.

As part of the website build, we also provided copywriting for the entire website which was optimised for search engines.

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Our Space is Your Space

“We hope the creation of The Good Space Studio contributes to an already flourishing Noosa creative ecosystem, and support local world class agencies, freelancers and retailers to create beautiful photographic content.”

Michelle Mason


Brand Personality

  • Fun
  • Quirky
  • Creative
  • Contemporary
  • Welcoming