Maleny Food Co. may be well known for it’s fresh Maleny artisan gelato and sorbet, but it’s so much more than a gelato shop! Maleny Food Co. based in the heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland is a producer, wholesaler, retailer and food tourism destination all rolled into one.

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Fresh. Pure. Maleny

We have been on an amazing journey with Maleny Food Co. They came to us having just purchased Colin James, the highly respected and multi-award winning Maleny gelato factory and café with an inspiring vision – and we were up for the challenge!

The first stage was to rebrand the café and gelato production side of the business. The previous brand was well known and loved far and wide. However an opportunity existed to take the business to the next level, and a new name and brand was needed that could have national cut through as well as represent its home in a very special part of the country.

The transition of new owners, new name and new branding was a complex one as we needed to ensure we brought existing lovers of the product, café customers, new target markets, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers and the local community on the journey with us.

After a branding process involving many annotations, concepts and lots of gelato – Maleny Food Co. was born.

Logo Design

Great time and consideration was spent in designing every element of this logo. It had to tell the story of the Maleny Food Co. brand. It brings in the provenance of the brand with the nod to Maleny and its rolling hills, as well as the local dairy farms from which the milk is collected to make the gelato each day. Detail right down to the Bunya Pine positioned on the hills inside the logo help portray the brand story for this unique mark.

Website Development and Management

The website for Maleny food Co. needed to serve a number of purposes. It had to sell Maleny Food Co. and the township of Maleny as a tourist destination; it also needed to appeal to consumers and promote the products across scoop shops and retail; as well as appeal to wholesaler and food service market for their award winning gelato. It also needed to bring the brand story to life by showcasing Maleny and highlighting the provenance of the brand, the product and the ingredients. The website also needed to be fast, mobile responsive and efficient.

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