Timber & Tide was born out of a love for timber and a passion for creating handcrafted home and office furniture.

Their custom timber furniture on the Sunshine Coast celebrates the natural beauty of the grain, and is made with precision and care so each piece can be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed down through generations.

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Timber & Tide is a brand new custom timber furniture maker that has just hit the Sunshine Coast!

If you have visited our offices, you will already know that good looking furniture is a passion of ours, so working with a local furniture maker who can bring home and office fitout dreams to life was the perfect fit for our Tapper team!

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Throughout the month of July we ran click-to-message ads for Timber & Tide promoting a custom timber dining table sale month. This advert featured one of their recent handcrafted dining tables and highlighted their key differentiators; custom design and sizing, Australian timber options and sustainably sourced materials.

This advert resulted in 149 unique customer enquiries costing an average of $5.70 per lead (so cheap). But most importantly, 18% of these leads converted into actual sales within 4 weeks of the initial enquiry date. From zero to 149 leads in one month was a really great start for this (now) fast growing local business and they will continue to turn these ads on and off as necessary to bulk up the quieter periods.


Timber & Tide has also used our photo studio, The Good Space, this month to take a few piccies of their own – yes they really did drag an entire queen size bed in for the shoot! Here are a few of our favorite snaps from the day.

As a brand new timber furniture business we were completely unknown to our target audience with zero enquiries in week 1! Social Tap helped turned this around quickly and instantly drove leads to our business through cost effective Social Media advertising and brand positioning direction. They were responsive, flexible and 100% committed to driving results throughout the entire project period.”

Nelson Ross – Timber & Tide Owner

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