Yowie are on a mission to teach us about endangered wildlife, their habitats, and how we can help save the natural world…and there’s no sweeter way to learn than with the help of yummy chocolate!

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Each Yowie Surprise Inside is made of 100% milk chocolate, which is sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified, and comes with an endangered animal surprise toy and fact leaflet hidden inside. Yowie have ensured that their chocolate has been made to be enjoyed by chocolate lovers around the globe – offering non-GMO, gluten free and nut free chocolate. Yowie makes learning about wildlife and endangered species fun. As you Play, Collect, and Learn you’ll discover why Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolate really is The Smart Treat

The Smart Treat – It’s eco-conscious, educates, and provides delight!

A chocolate treat that educates, surprises, and offers a healthier alternative – now that’s a brand we can get behind. Here in Australia, we all remember Yowie chocolates from back in the ‘90s when we were kids, right? So, when we heard Rumble and the gang needed a hand in their efforts to save endangered species and their habitats, we just had to jump on board to help.

We have been a long-term partner with Yowie, managing their end-to-end marketing for both Australia and the USA, including the creation of an annual marketing plan to the execution of all digital marketing, content creation, and website design.

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Marketing Strategy and Plan

We work very closely with the internal Yowie team in the U.S. to develop a marketing strategy and annual marketing plan in alignment with their key business objectives, core target markets and seasonal peaks and troughs. Our strategy is focused on creating engaging educational and playful content that provides a relevant play and learn resource for parents and keeps Yowie top of mind as the smarter treat for kids. Our digital-focused strategy is aimed at driving traffic back to the website and converting email subscriptions.

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Digital Advertising

Our digital strategy for Yowie is to always be on, educating and entertaining with seasonal campaigns. Each new Series launch keeps the Yowie brand fresh and exciting as new collectibles come to play. We use Google Search and Display Advertising to drive traffic back to the website and increase database growth through playful educational content.

Social Media Management

We manage all Yowie social channels across YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Consistent high value content creation supports our focus on channel growth and in maintaining an engaged Yowie community. We have so much fun creating photos, activities, YouTube videos, pins and TikTok videos for Yowie playtime, animal facts, educational games, and unboxing surprises!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer collaborations are a key part of the Yowie digital strategy. We engage and manage influencers on a monthly basis with Australian and U.S. audiences, predominantly made up of parents (a core target audience), as well as seasoned Yowie collectors! Influencer marketing is an effective way of bringing your brand to your audience in an authentic way through the endorsement of real people who your audience enjoys following.

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Downloadable Activities

This is where we have our most fun with Yowie – creating all the downloadable kids’ activities, games, quizzes, and giveaways. We create a monthly activity for kids which involves the creation of an instructional YouTube video, downloadable resource, landing page, written instructions, and often includes a TikTok video and post on social media. These activities are either DIY craft activities or education, puzzle and learning based activities. We also create seasonal activities for major holidays including Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. When each new Yowie Series is launched, we also create a variety of game and trivia style graphics for social media, as well as a Collectible Rarity Chart.

Photography, Videography & Styling

Each year we manage and facilitate a variety of photography and video shoots for Yowie, coordinating photographers, videographers, actors, scriptwriters, parents, and kids! From concept to creation, we assist in all aspects of bringing Yowie to life – assisting with venue sourcing and hire, styling and prop selection, through to talent management. These photoshoots and video shoots align to key campaign objectives (new products, new series) and seasonal promotions (Christmas).

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