We’re a social bunch here at Social Tap and there are few things we enjoy more (only gin…) than working with businesses to really understand their position online, and how to best improve their digital presence.

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With so many new channels, technologies and tools out there, marketing can often seem like a mysterious and overwhelming landscape. Not every social media platform or online channel will be right for your business, but where is your time best spent?

Michelle Mason is one of the founding directors of Social Tap and has more than 20 years of experience in customer experience, sales and strategic marketing within the media, hospitality and tourism industries. She has extensive knowledge of the leading digital and social media channels and is committed to practical, pragmatic advice and achievable action plans.

The Social Tap team is made up of people who are specialists in their chosen areas. From community management to Google Ads, PR to web design, campaign strategy to graphic design and social media consulting – Social Tap has someone with the experience and knowledge to help you with marketing your business.

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We have worked with many businesses and built our own, so we understand there isn’t a one size fits all solution out there. Every strategy needs a personalised set of actions to manage both the internal and external challenges, and they can be across a range of areas such as products, consumer channels or customer engagement.

Michelle and her team are available for private consultancy, either face to face or video conference.

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