Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook loves to keep businesses on their feet, and one of its latest changes rates pages for their responsiveness to messages sent via Facebook Messenger.

You may have noticed a new alert rating your reaction time to messages in a percentage, and this is all to drive page admins to respond to 90% of messages within 15 mins. When you meet this target you will be awarded the ‘Very Responsive to Messages’ badge.

You can read more about the rating system over on Facebook.

If your business is receiving a high number of messages, responding can take up time, and often there are common threads to these enquiries.

To help with this process you may have noticed some pages using automated replies, allowing an immediate and professional reply to enquiries on Facebook. But Chatbots allow you to take this process even further by dealing with common questions and direct people to the relevant information on your website, such as a bookings page, event information, or maps.

We love this step-by-step guide from Social Media Examiner, which shares their recommended ChatBot tools and how to create a flow of menus, or keywords to best solve your customer’s burning questions, and also save your time responding to multiple enquiries on Facebook Messenger.

Read the blog and get started on your ChatBot now.

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