Why you should be using Multi-Product Facebook Ads

Multi-Product Facebook Ads have been available for quite a while now – and we’ve had a bit of fun testing them out.

These ads allow up to five products to be showcased in an individual sponsored post. The ad is designed to display up to five different images which scroll and click through to the relevant product landing page on your website. We’ve had a bit of time to test these ads, including them in client campaigns where appropriate, and so far the results are looking good. We have experienced a marked decrease of up to 40% in cost per click for many of these ads, as well as an increase in click-through rate.

We believe the reason for these results is simply because customers are finding the ads more relevant to their interests. Being able to strip out individual compelling elements, offers and images of specific products allow us to deliver several messages to potential customers, with more chance of triggering that itchy index finger. The potential within the tourism and hospitality industries for this is huge as these multi-product ads allow you to showcase anything from individual menu items or resort facilities, showcase decor and even highlight local attractions.

Of course, targeting is still king and simply adding some pretty pictures with non-compelling copy to a poorly targeted ad won’t do the trick. But when combined with a great Facebook Ads strategy and proven targeting techniques, Multi-Product Facebook Ads can result in more clicks for less dollars.

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