Brand Reputation Management

Market research allows you to find out what your audience thinks of you and your competitors, but what are customers saying when you’re not listening?

Reputation Management for brands is the streamlining of audience communications alongside monitoring global trends and cultural shifts to frame your brand in the best light possible. This information also empowers you to make adjustments and improvements to your brand’s message, marketing, and products based on customer experience or changing expectations.

Let’s face it, trends pass even faster these days and cultural and customer expectations are shifting rapidly as more conversations are opened worldwide. Customers are no longer passive consumers, often making quick decisions about companies they do and don’t support – and they are not afraid to share why!

To manage your brand’s reputation you must first know what people are saying about you and your competitors! That’s where we can help.

What people are saying about you?

In today’s online market a brand’s values is what sets them apart. Customers want a deeper relationship with the businesses they support as they understand the power of where they choose to spend. Managing your reputation allows customers to know what your brand stands for, while also building trust.

Here at Social Tap we believe all feedback is good feedback. Taking on the negative and constructive feedback allows you to adjust and improve, and positive feedback let’s brands know what they are already doing well so they can protect it! We also want to make sure your audience is aware of your brand values and mission so they can feel even more confident in their choice to support you.

We soak up everything we can using social listening tools, competitor data and reviews to create a complete picture of your brand’s reputation right now, and help plan valuable actions to make a real difference.

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