Tapper Tips: Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Consistent and engaging posts are crucial to building your audience on Facebook. Sounds simple enough, but it takes dedication and inspiration… two things often in short supply when you are running a busy venue.

One tip we love to share during training is scheduling posts on Facebook. Block out an hour each week to draft and schedule at least one post each day to ensure your page is active and getting your message out to your audience.

While Facebook has offered post scheduling via a desktop browser for some time, it is now available on the mobile app ‘Facebook Pages Manager’.

How to get started

Download the Facebook Pages Manager from the AppStore or GooglePlay. Sign in, open your page and press the ‘post’ icon at the top right-hand corner.
Choose your post type – text, video, photo, or event. Posting from your phone makes sharing images and videos simpler.

Find the dots. Once you have written your post, press the three small dots at the bottom right of the screen. The next window brings up your options.

Choose your option. If your post is completed, choose ‘Schedule’, but if you want to come back and make some edits, choose ‘Save as Draft’. Just remember, you will have to come back and set a date and time for any posts you allocated as a draft.

Set the date and time for the post. We recommend checking the analytics of your page to find out the time of day your audience is most active on Facebook. This will allow you to better target your followers and hopefully have your posts seen by more people.

Want to check what you have scheduled? Click those magic three dots at the bottom right of the screen and choose either ‘Scheduled Posts’ or ‘Draft Posts’.

Now you’re set!

TIP: If you’re training someone up in your business to run Facebook content for you, get them using the draft feature. This way they can create posts, and you can approve/edit content before it’s posted.

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