3 Steps To Get Instafamous


When managed well Instagram can be a powerful tool for any business’ social media marketing plan, and all the top accounts on Instagram have one thing in common.

They offer a window into the way we want our lives to be. Impossibly fit bodies, mouth-watering meals, perfectly styled homes, on the pulse fashion, perfect children…

You name it, there is an Instagram account that offers it.

Collectively, the Social Tap team has spent thousands of hours on Instagram, (we even have an Instacouch), so we know a thing or two about it.

Here are our top three tips to transform your Instagram business account, and get you on the way to becoming Instafamous.


The key to capture and keep followers is to give them something to aspire to. Using a restaurant as an example, look beyond the food. What makes your food, venue, brand, or staff stand out?

Brainstorm and think of a word to describe what sets you apart; such as luxury, escape, decadence, colour. Find that word and infuse it into all the images you post.

Don’t be afraid to post or repost images that are outside your business but also boast qualities of your brand. For example, an Italian restaurant could post images of Italian landscapes, film stars, or fashion.


Beautiful photos rarely happen by accident. Take time to set up the photo, catch the scene from a few different angles so you have options to work with.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Lighting – natural is best, but when working indoors make sure there is plenty of it and try to avoid shadows
  • Clear background – check there are no unwanted photobombs
  • Balance – does the eye naturally fall to the most important part of the image?
  • Your brand – does the image represent your brand and what you are trying to sell?

Need some styling inspiration? Check out popular accounts and break down their photos. Study the product styling, use of props, filters, borders etc.

Be creative with filters, and don’t feel like you only have to use the ones in Instagram. Explore other apps and try to stick with using a maximum of four filters to keep your feed ‘on brand’.

Filter apps to check out:

  • VSCO Cam
  • Afterlight
  • Rhonna Designs
  • A Beautiful Mess


Team up with other brands, bloggers, suppliers. Invite them to post about you, and ask to repost their images.

Think of Instagram as an online community, be social and reach out. If you are a restaurant, make sure you follow the wine and food brands you use, the other local businesses, and any well-known food bloggers or writers in your city.

And a bonus tip…

Don’t be afraid to engage and speak to your followers like they are your mates. Ask questions, tell them funny or touching stories, show behind the scenes moments and open up. Post regularly and remember to reply to any comments.

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