To Social or not to Social – Is there really a question?

Regardless of your own personal preferences and experiences with Social Media – the stats don’t lie. Millions of people within Australia are connecting, searching and making purchasing decisions via social networks. Some people love the connectability and usability of Facebook. Some love the simplicity of Twitter. More and more people are loving the beauty of Instagram. Whether it is Google, Vine, Foursquare, Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, Yelp or TripAdvisor – your customers and potential customers are there. And you can’t control how and where they search for you. But you CAN control what they find when they do.

We focus on driving 3 key benefits when working with venues and their use of social media and online channels.

Connect with your KNOWN MARKET

People know you, are looking for you and want to connect with you. Whether it be a check in on Facebook, a review on Yelp, a search on Google to find out your opening hours, a photo taken on Instagram to share with friends – your customers use their desktops and mobiles every day to connect with businesses. Let your customers be your brand advocates and market your business for you.


Much of online search activity is related to people trying to solve a problem. For venues, huge opportunity comes from people looking for answers to things like where to host their birthday party, which bar to drink at when they are next on holidays in a city they don’t know or where to have their work Christmas party. Make sure they find you and CHOOSE you.


The hospitality industry has been running promotions, events and campaigns for a really long time. There is generally a significant investment in time, resources and money into hospitality marketing – so why not extend the reach and return on this activity to an extensive and engaged online audience?

Need a helping hand making sense of social media for your restaurant, pub, bar, hotel or event? Get in touch!