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Bringing this Masterbrand campaign to life for Yowie has been just as wild as it looks!
Having such a soft spot in the hearts of Aussies already meant it was no mean feat repositioning this iconic nostalgic brand to give it relevancy for another generation of kids while keeping the affinity with millennials strong. Working through creative concepts that tapped into a child’s curiousity that felt exciting, awe-inspiring and innocent led us straight to ‘Unwrap the Adventure’.

Collaborating with our good friends at Ravel who wasted no time in storyboarding and visualising the wonderous world of Yowie. The incredible final 90 second mini-film was a hybrid production featuring lifelike 3D animation of the oh-so-goofy character, ‘Boof’ and live-action with 3 talented youngsters. Shot right here in QLD, the end product launched in May 2024 and has been receiving rave reviews from cult collectors of Yowie and new audiences alike.

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