Your Digital Christmas To Do List – Make sure your business is festive season ready!

Blog Your Digital Christmas To Do List

Before you settle into the spirit of the holidays, it’s time to think about a few essential housekeeping items to ensure your business is silly season ready!We’ve compiled some simple tips and reminders, which are often overlooked and can make a big difference to your customer’s experience online.TO DO LIST

  • Update your business hours on social channels, Google My Business and your website to ensure they reflect any changes over the Christmas and New Year period.
  • Ensure your website design is mobile optimised
  • Add a festive message to your auto responses to include your festive trading hours, or any personal message for your customers which will help manage expectations during this holiday period. Eg Email out of office, Facebook Messenger
  • Be prepared so you can promote your festive specials with enough time for customers to take advantage of them.
  • Pin a holiday announcement at the top of your Facebook page with any relevant information regarding your business. For example, if you have a restaurant you might have an adjusted booking cancellation policy, or if you’re an ecommerce business you may have a postal delay for orders.
  • Have a customer service plan in place. With the holidays there are often changes to staff and business hours. Knowing who is responding to customer enquiries and comments online is crucial.

Have an eCommerce business? Here are some extra things to consider.

  • Remember to send out an email to encourage last minute gift voucher sales, and consider a pop up as the days get closer to Christmas.
  • Know your postage cut off dates and communicate them with your customers through social, your customer emails and on your website.

While shopping and time off are the showstoppers of the Christmas period, it is also a time to give thanks perfect opportunity for you thank your customers for their support throughout the year.Consider sending an email or posting a social message saying thank you, or hosting an event for your VIPs to make them feel special.Key thing to remember…make it as easy as possible for your customer to do business with you over the holidays. If you don’t, they may just look elsewhere…