Alesha Gooderham

Project Specialist

Alesha loves the sound of the ocean, the smell of cut grass, Ricks Bakery sourdough and her four children.

After an extensive career in England as a business owner and operator of an English Heritage listed 20 acre complex; Alesha’s career involved the management of a 100+ team and the business planning, innovation and marketing in the sectors of accommodation, tourism, retail and major events.  

Prior to this, Alesha worked in the English Football competition managing media and marketing and stakeholder engagement with The Premier League, The National Football Association, The UEFA Cup and English national broadcasters.

Since returning to Australia Alesha has been able to apply her skills to deliver strategic partnerships, business planning and execution across government and private enterprise.

Alesha works with us at Social Tap to support our efforts as to evolve our services, adding value for our clients and partners.

Matthew Mason


Managing Director

With a background in investment banking working for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, Matthew moved into IT in early 2000, completing his Bachelor of Information Technology from Bond University in 2002...

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Michelle Mason


Managing Director

Michelle has 20 years experience in customer strategy and experience, marketing and sales in the media, hospitality and tourism industries. She spends her work days consulting with businesses and helping them to develop integrated marketing strategies...

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Daniel Bedford


Head of Client Services

Dan has an extensive background in marketing and client management starting in Sports Marketing. An avid believer in an integrated approach, he specialises in digital advertising and marketing strategy...

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Naomi Waite


Senior Graphic Designer

Naomi is a self-confessed food and wine lover whose hours are consumed by all things creative. Working her digital magic as a graphic designer for both print and digital, Naomi loves being able to mix her passions of food, design, technology and beautiful marketing...

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Matthew Stammers Social Tap


Creative Director

As Creative Director, Matt leads concept development, creates and maintains client branding vision and guidelines across our portfolio, while supporting and mentoring the design teams day to day and long term goals.

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Gail St


PR & Media Manager

Gail has 20 years’ experience in PR, marketing and communications working with big name brands in the consumer/lifestyle space. Throughout her career Gail has worked both in house and agency in a diverse range of industries including FMCG, homewares, motorsport, MLM, health, food & beverage, transport, building, engineering and kids’ products...

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Web Developer

A perfect mix of creative and strategic approach makes Mark our (not so secret) weapon when it comes to websites. Mark is our Web Developer and spends his day designing and developing websites that are highly functional, offer exceptional user experience and ensures the finished result becomes a key brand asset...

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Nicci Modolo

Client Marketing Manager

With a diverse background as a Pastry Chef, Personal Trainer, Musician, and now Marketing Manager, Nicci has a colourful career history that has seen her work with a range of people in varied industries.

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Web Developer

With previous experience in various fields including hospitality and retail, as well as owning and managing a small business, Crispian has a great understanding of what each business needs from their website and takes pride in delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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Client Marketing Manager

With a background in journalism and a love for all things creative, Taya is passionate about bringing brand strategy to life through powerful storytelling. Taya supports Dan across his client portfolio, managing all social media content, all while creating and executing effective campaigns.

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Web Administrator

An energetic, self-starter, Renan took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science back in 98 and has been involved in Computer and IT related matters ever since. He is constantly updating his (mad online) skills and is qualified in Computer Technology...

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Reggie De Leon


Graphic Designer

The simplest way to describe Reggie? Passionate. Creative. Adventurous. He likes to begin a day with a cup of coffee and end with an ice-cold beer. Reggie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, majoring in Advertising. He's a well-rounded performer with expertise in visual arts...

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Marketing Coordinator

Mika is passionate about all that she does and can always be seen to have a smile on her face.
She also has a love for people and being a part of a team, thanks to her experience with working for an organisation that facilitates leadership programs for school students.

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Andrew Garcia


Web Developer

Andrew lives and breathes digital marketing and design and has been a Professional Software Developer for more than eight years. His professional goal is to produce finely crafted web applications, and ensure each project is well maintained. It is this impressive attention...

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Emily Holmes


Marketing Coordinator

Emily is a social butterfly and creative creature who thrives on being part of a team. Holding a Bachelor of Business Management with majors in marketing and human resources she is an all-rounder.

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Digital Advertising Specialist

A keen interest in analytics and performance measurement led Pritish into the ever-changing world of digital marketing – and we are excited to have him on the Social Tap team as our Digital Advertising Specialist.

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Jessie Mason Social Tap


client relations

Bringing over a decade of experience as an agency dog and stress therapy expert, Jessie is our loveable Cavoodle. Her other roles at Social Tap include client relations officer and chief tail wagger...

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