IGA Marketplace Winter Warmers with Zumbo

IGA Marketplace is about their customers, their choices, and their experience. For far too long Australian shoppers have been given two options when it comes to grocery shopping, take it, or leave it. IGA Marketplace, think they deserve more.

With locations throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast IGA Marketplace offers customers so much more than a grocery store – Their customers are challenged to Love Where You Shop.

We teamed up with Adriano Zumbo – Australian patisserie, TV presenter, host of Zumbo’s Just Desserts and frequent guest on MasterChef Australia – to create a delicious online showcase, a tasty digital marketing campaign and a delectable foodie experience for one lucky shopper.

Three inspiring Adriano Zumbo winter warmer recipes

The objective of the campaign was to showcase IGA Marketplace as leaders in the food space, drive website traffic and build the email database ahead of a new membership drive.

The concept was for Zumbo to create three exclusive recipes for IGA Marketplace and the campaign included a competition for one lucky winner to have Adriano personally demonstrate how to cook his recipes in their home. We created 15 second teaser videos of each of the recipes for use in the digital ads and Zumbo was featured on the cover of the new IGA Marketplace Weekly Magazine.

Campaign Webpage Design & Build

We filmed and photographed Zumbo creating the recipes on location and used these to create the Zumbo Hub on the IGA Marketplace website. This is where we drove all campaign web traffic. The campaign resulted in a 445% year-on-year increase in website traffic; an increase in 6,902 new site visitors during the campaign period; increased time on website of 66%; and 1,452 new email subscribers to the database from the competition sign up form.

Zumbo Computer
Phone Mockup Dark Background

Facebook Advertising

A Facebook Ads campaign was designed with the objective of getting people to visit the Zumbo Hub on the IGA Marketplace website to view Zumbo’s recipes. The campaign included 12 different creative and copy variations with a mix between video, photography and graphic based images. Ads were targeted demographically to people who have an interest in cooing, food and celebrity chefs. In total, the campaign reached 44,704 people and received 3,535 link clicks to the Zumbo Hub at a cost of $0.34 per link click.

Email Marketing

We used email marketing to send campaign-specific email blasts to the IGA database to nurture both the existing and new subscribers. We also included the campaign message and creative in regular customer catalogue emails to engage IGA’s regular customers in the campaign and competition. These email campaigns resulted in 1,425 visits to the Zumbo Hub landing page and these visitors spent the highest time on site out of all traffic sources.

Magazine Bright Blue

Instore Activation

As part of the Zumbo Winter Warmer campaign, we worked with the IGA Marketplace team to activate the campaign instore. The activation consisted of campaign creative shown through their digital displays, aisle boards, physical recipe cards, wobblers and exterior signage. We wanted the Zumbo campaign to be part of a consistent customer experience from online to instore.

Above-the-line Advertising

The Zumbo campaign was also showcased through above-the-line advertising which supported the digital ads. Billboard advertising was secured in high traffic areas of Brisbane during the campaign period, on-demand television advertising was shown through the production of a 15 second TVC as well as radio advertising – all produced and managed by Social Tap.

Zumbo Billboard