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At Social Tap, we recognise the distinctiveness of each brand’s journey. Our retainer-based partnerships are crafted to offer the flexibility and adaptability your brand and business demands. Whether your need is for a comprehensive brand marketing team, support for your in-house lead, or a specialised addition to your existing team, Social Tap integrates seamlessly to provide unparalleled value to your business.

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Advantages of a Full Service Marketing Agency

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing services to manage all aspects of a business’s marketing and advertising strategy. This holistic approach provides several advantages:

Consistent Engagement and Support: An ‘Always On’ Approach

With Social Tap, your brand benefits from ‘Always On’ brand management and stewardship. This translates to steadfast support and engagement, keeping your brand always present, dynamic and proactive in a rapidly evolving market. Our team is perpetually prepared, sustaining and amplifying your brand’s momentum.

Maintaining Intellectual Property and Momentum

Staff turnover can disrupt the flow of intellectual property and progress. Our retainer partnership effectively counters this issue. We safeguard and enrich your brand’s intellectual property, ensuring a steady and progressive journey, unaffected by internal team changes. Your brand’s path remains undisturbed, consistently advancing.

Economical Alternative to In-House Specialists

The expense and complexity of curating an in-house team of specialists can be daunting. Our retainer model presents a cost-effective, streamlined alternative. You access a diverse team of specialists minus the overheads of hiring, training, and managing an internal team, leading to cost savings and a higher ROI for your brand.

Eliminating Internal Team Management Hurdles

Overseeing an internal team poses challenges ranging from recruitment to retention and continuous training. Social Tap eliminates these hurdles. Our seasoned team, equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge, propels your brand forward. This frees you to concentrate more on core business operations.

Strategic Flexibility and Scalability

Our retainer relationship is built for strategic flexibility and scalability. As your brand evolves, so do our services. We adapt to your shifting needs, ensuring that your marketing strategies remain in sync with your current goals and market dynamics.

Comprehensive, Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

A holistic marketing strategy is crucial. Our team adopts a multi-channel approach, guaranteeing that your brand’s presence and messaging are coherent and compelling across all platforms. This integrated strategy optimises reach and efficacy, driving significant outcomes for your brand.

Guiding Through the Tech Maze with Human-Centric Strategy

In the face of rapidly shifting technology and digital trends, it can be daunting and distracting to keep up. We help you focus your energy and budget effectively, avoiding the pitfalls of blindly chasing the latest fads. Our approach combines human-centred strategy and creativity, ensuring that technological advancements are leveraged sensibly and are of value to your brand. We make technology work for you, not the other way around.

Is Social Tap the Right Partner for Your Brand?

We believe in cultivating true partnerships that resonate with the ethos and aspirations of your brand. To understand if we are the right fit for each other, consider the following aspects:

Your Industry Focus

Our expertise shines brightest in the eat, drink, travel, and leisure sectors. Brands in these areas find our services especially aligned with their needs, thanks to our deep understanding and experience in these industries.

Commitment to Brand Building

We are looking for partners who prioritise brand-led marketing. If your vision includes building a strong, distinct brand identity that resonates with your audience, our approach will harmonize with your goals.

Dedication to Sustainable Growth

We value partners who are committed to sustainable, long-term growth. Our strategies are designed not just for immediate impact but for enduring success, aligning with businesses that seek substantial, progressive development.

Value in Long-Term Partnerships

The essence of our retainer packages lies in forging lasting partnerships. We thrive with brands that appreciate the depth and value of a long-term, collaborative relationship, going beyond transactional interactions to create something truly impactful.

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