Managing your customer service activity and reputation online can seem like an overwhelming task for a business. With the ever-growing number of channels available to your customers to engage and interact online, it can be a daunting task knowing where to start and how to manage it effectively.

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Most businesses work hard to build trust with their customers and potential customers. And most traditional ways of connecting with and servicing these customers are likely built into ‘business as usual’ processes.

While you may not choose to be online, the conversations will still be there, because that’s where your customers are. Reviewing, researching, asking questions, making purchasing decisions…it’s all happening across multiple social media channels and you need online reputation management.

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Online Reputation Management

Everyone wishes they could control the way people view or feel about their business or product. There are few things as disappointing as a bad review (well, maybe flat champagne), and it can be difficult to find the words to reply as your fingers hover over the keyboard.

Reputation Management is about more than responding to the negative mentions – it is also about responding to the positive, the gushing and the questioning.

We specialise in reputation management for business in the tourism, hospitality and food industries across TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Facebook, Opentable, Zomato, and Google Alerts.

We can set up your business across the best review and reputation sites, as well as manage and respond to mentions on an ongoing basis.

Social Customer Service

Customers are increasingly turning to social media channels as their location of choice for social customer service. As a result, this represents a great opportunity, and challenge, for businesses.

Knowing where to invest your resources, and also where and how to funnel customer enquiries, is an important step in defining an effective and responsive customer service presence.

Increased improvements in technology continue to assist in making monitoring and responding to customer questions and feedback more efficient. As a result, options for self-service, chat platforms and automation (with tools such as chatbots) allow us to assist businesses to build robust, engaging and responsive social customer service processes. In other words, processes that add value to your business, and your customers.

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