To Rebrand, or Refresh?

The world of design, marketing and customer expectations is constantly evolving, and even the most timeless brands take time to reflect and reposition themselves in order to stay relevant and connected to their target market.

Here at Social Tap we can guide you through a process which will help you identify whether your brand needs an evolution, or a revolution. Often there is a lot to consider in this process, and it’s not just about creating a pretty new brand (although that’s definitely the best part!). We will help you understand what’s truly required to successfully reposition your brand, including the not so fun parts such as budget, managing risk and change management.

We help you tell your brand’s story from a fresh perspective.

Noosa Heads Motel Rebrand

The Good Space Studio

Brand Elevation

Changing and evolving to meet market and customer demands is an integral part of any successful and sustainable business. Together we can refine your story, sharpen your brand promise and value proposition and create a visual identity that communicates and connects with your customer, while preserving the elements that your audience loves.

So how do you know when it’s time to refresh your brand? Here are some of the indicators that it’s time to consider a Brand Elevation!

  • You’re ready to position your business as an industry or category leader
  • You’re ready to scale and grow your business
  • You’re not gaining traction with your marketing, or reaching your desired market
  • Your current brand doesn’t align with the vision and goals of our business
  • The market has changed and your brand feels out of place
  • New competitors have entered the market and are the “shiny new thing”
  • Old competitors are investing in their brand and marketing

Reintroducing Your Brand

It’s time to show off and share your new brand vision!

Once your Brand Elevation is complete, Social Tap can support your team by executing your new look across your business. Together we ensure your elevated brand is reflected across all channels including social platforms, website, product, packaging, communications, and beyond.

Speak to our brand specialist team to build a Brand Elevation plan to revitalise and expand your business in today’s market.

When executed well, a brand elevation can excite existing customers, reengage past customers, and open you up to a whole new market!

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Featured Projects


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