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Our bespoke full service marketing solution means you can engage one single agency to build and manage your brand marketing ecosystem. Working as an extension of your team, we are more than a service provider. We will inspire and support you, and share in your passion.

When you partner with Social Tap as your full service marketing agency, you are investing in a team of specialists across brand management, digital marketing, social media management, website design, graphic design, ad strategy, influencer marketing, and PR.

An extension of your team

Together we understand your business goals and the best way to reach them through engaging ‘always on’ brand and marketing strategies, as well as creative campaigns that engage your audience. We develop a comprehensive marketing plan designed to elevate your brand, extend brand awareness, and position you as leaders in your industry.

If you think having a single agency manage your brand and marketing activity would add value to your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to have a chat, and we can explore if Social Tap is the right partner for you!

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Social Media Management

Let us look after your social media presence

We will take social media out of the “too hard basket” and integrate leading social networks into your marketing mix to add measurable value. We manage your social media end to end, including content creation, moderation and response management. In addition, we also manage your social media advertising budget. Enabling your business to extend its message to new, targeted audiences in a cost-effective way.

Social Media Management

Graphic Design

We Make You Look Great

Our design team specialise in branding, advertising, promotion and in-venue design. We can create materials for use on site, in social media, packaging, outdoor and print. Graphic design and styling services are included in all our packages. Plus, we also specialise in one-off campaigns for when you need that extra hand.

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Be Found Online by Customers at the Right Time

We support your business with targeted, interactive and measurable marketing strategies using digital channels to convert leads into customers. Our digital marketing services include Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, Local SEO/Google My Business, SEO Audits, On-site Search Engine Optimisation, plus Data Analytics (including conversion optimisation, website and behavioural analytics).

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing Automation

Build and Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset

Like most marketers, we are pretty big fans of email marketing here at Social Tap. In our experience, an engaged database is often the biggest driver of results for businesses. Whether it be to drive traffic to your website, sell tickets to an event or promote a particular campaign or offer, your database is likely to be your highest converting channel. We consistently work on designing and delivering strategies to help build your database and use it as a key channel in your marketing mix.

Influencer Marketing

Expand Your Reach. Get Results

“True influence drives action, not just awareness.” – Jay Baer.
Influencer marketing represents a fantastic opportunity for your businesses or brand to extend its reach via individuals and communities who have an existing audience which closely aligns to your target market. We work to identify, engage, manage and measure key strategic relationships and partnerships that will truly influence people to take action. Including collaborations and leveraging of influential networks.

Influencer Marketing

Campaigns & Promotions

Get People Talking. Get Them to Take Action.

Taking an integrated, consistent and strategic approach to all your campaigns and promotions is what will ensure you get the best results. No matter what your objectives are, finding the right message, great design and most valuable marketing channels are critical elements to breaking through the marketing noise out there. We work to leverage all existing networks and channels and extend the reach of your campaign to an audience most likely to convert.

Website Management

Get Your Website Working for Your Business

It’s one thing to have a website built, and another to keep it up to date with your latest offers, photos, menus, news and events. Most importantly, it’s about how you get your website working FOR your business. Therefore, as part of our packages, we will manage all aspects of your website content to ensure it is playing a highly valuable role in your marketing mix – converting visitors into business!

Website Management

Reputation Management

Monitoring and Protecting Your Reputation Online

Business owners and operators often struggle to keep up to date with reputation management – mentions of and feedback about their business online. Even just keeping up with the major reviews sites like TripAdvisor can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with negative feedback. However, these reviews sites truly can be your best friend in business. We show you how.

Reputation Management

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Our passion is inspiring people to eat, drink and travel – but we equally love, and have extensive experience, working with companies across a range of industries, helping them define and build their brand and marketing strategy. Sunshine Coast marketing for clients in Australia and across the globe.

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