It’s one thing to have a website built, and another to keep it up to date with your latest offers, photos, menus, news and events. Most importantly, it’s about how you get your website working FOR your business. Therefore, as part of our packages, we will manage all aspects of your website content to ensure it is playing a highly valuable role in your marketing mix – converting visitors into business!

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Website Management

When you consider your website as a shopfront, it’s easy to picture the content as your promotional messages. With each sale, new product, launch or event, your website is there to share the news with those who pass by.

However, the wide web is deeper than your homepage can reach, and that’s where Social Tap can help. A beautifully designed and built website is no good for business if it is just ‘set and forget’ once finished.

We take your current website and whip it into an integral part of your dynamic digital marketing strategy.

We consider your goals, and look for the best way to find and attract your potential and existing customers – and everything online is just one piece of the puzzle.

Our team of digital specialists work with you and your website to create promotional graphics, targeted blogs, promotions and customer service avenues to build trust and loyalty.

We can also help you better manage inbound leads and implement customer service processes to ensure more efficient and professional communication.


Ecommerce websites and online businesses face the challenge of cutting through the noise and being heard online, as well developing customer loyalty.

By better utilising your website in the marketing mix for your business, you can enjoy higher conversion rates, repeat customers, abandoned cart completion, as well as feedback on where your customers are hesitating in the ecommerce sales process.

We work with our clients to create a web of content to catch, engage and convert their customers online through effective web design, as well as content such as blogs, landing pages and targeted social media ads.

Our team is experienced working with clients across ongoing, seasonal, and short-term campaigns, and we love seeing the sales roll in (almost) as much as them!

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