Truly understanding your customers and helping them find what they are looking for is the difference between websites that make you money and ones that cost you money!

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What are the business goals for your website?

How are people using your website and are they finding the right information quickly to align with your business goals?

It’s easy to make assumptions based on your own preferences or what design “looks nicer”, but are they correct?

Vanity metrics like daily users and total page views cannot answer this question. Really understanding the impact of web design decisions on users requires a deeper level of analysis – a behavioural analysis.

Who is Behavioural Analytics for?

Companies about to get a new website built and looking to understand current user behaviour, using it to inform the design process, then testing the new website.

Companies seeking to optimise their current website to better achieve business goals. Finding and removing the roadblocks that are holding back their website from its full potential as a sales and marketing tool.

Understand Your Customers!

Find out if behavioural analytics is a good fit for your company and how it can unlock the door to more business.

Social Media Manager In Noosa - social media agency

Social Media

Take social media out of the “too hard basket” and integrate leading social networks Facebook and Instagram into your marketing mix to add measurable value! At Social Tap we manage your social media end to end, including content creation, social advertising strategies, community building, moderation and response management.

Social Media Package
Content Writer In Noosa

Digital Marketing

You know you need a digital presence, but might be struggling with how to effectively achieve this. Frustrated at limited results for your investment? We can help! This package covers everything from digital strategy to identify opportunities, campaigns, online advertising, local search optimisation and social media management.

Digital Marketing Package

Full-Service Marketing

You will have a dedicated marketing manager for your business – giving you one point of contact to define, coordinate and deliver your marketing strategy. Backed up by an expert marketing and graphic design team. Includes strategy, design, content, social media, email marketing, digital advertising and on-site SEO.

Marketing Package

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Google Adwords 

Get found on Google. Finding it hard to be number one on Google? Using AdWords you can buy your way to the top – leading to more website visitors, leads & sales.
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Social Tap Blogs

Behavioural Analytics

How are people using your website and are they finding the right information quickly to align with your business goals? Discover how, no guessing.

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Marketing Consulting Noosa


With so many new channels, technologies and tools out there, marketing can often seem like a mysterious and murky landscape. We bring clarity.
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Facebook Training Noosa


We love working with other businesses to share our knowledge in a way that truly contributes to our clients achieving their marketing and social goals.

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